Why Bovisa

Prime location

Public and private players have selected the area for the development of major urban establishments devoted to research, such as Mario Negri Institute, Politecnico (engineering, architecture and design divisions), Galleria del Vento (wind tunnel) and also Telelombardia and a Yacht Design Institute. The PoliHUB District & Incubator has recently been established in the Bovisa Tech area.


This area has become a very interesting spot because the district is going through a major redevelopment thanks to the design of residential, business, study, research and leisure areas which will grow over a land of huge amount of square meters. A new landmark location that has the objective of being a meeting ground between the academic and business world.


Bovisa it’s a strategic area of extensive development due to the significant presence of students, researchers and professors around the University Politecnico di Milano. It is a former industrial neighborhood destined to flourish as the city’s new scientific and technological center. Yet the dialogue with the social and architectural fabric of old Milan is kept intact, characterized also by the widespread presence of small artisans and their shops.


A recent agreement between Politecnico di Milano and Tsinghua University (the most important chinese university), will bring as much as 30.000 chinese students in the joint campus in Bovisa. This initiative will start in the 2017 and will be followed by a partnership between the Incubator TSU Star (Tsinghua University) and Polihub (Politecnico di Milano) to develop a platform to attract Chinese investment in Innovation in Italy.